A Planet-Friendly Win! 3 Years in a row

Assisi brand Burns Pet Nutrition has won Eco Brand of the year in the PPM Retailer Recommended Awards for the last three consecutive years.

Burns Pet Nutrition has an extensive range of award-winning dog and cat foods, each designed to benefit dogs and cats with different nutritional needs.  They are made with a love of pets, and the planet too;

Sustainable sourcing of ingredients — using high-quality natural ingredients from sustainable farms and suppliers.  We work with suppliers to ensure they’re using fair and positive practices.

Local sourcing —   many of the ingredients as possible are sourced from local suppliers to minimise food miles and emissions.

Longer usage per bag — Burns pet diets boast high digestibility meaning owners need to feed less each day and every bag has a longer life.

Eco-friendly packaging — their dry food and treats use 100% recyclable packaging. While their wet food packaging is mostly all recyclable and the team are striving to make that completely recyclable too!




With this award win, retailers have recognised the work Burns Pet Nutrition is doing to be green and how this helps to drive sales with customers. As a brand, Burns Pet Nutrition provides foods that owners trust to nourish their pets, strive to protect the environment.  The quest for being
eco-friendly is one that doesn’t stop and one of the next targets is an initiative to maximise the recyclability of all plastics.

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