Pets and people in partnership

Assisi Pet Care is a specialist in the transformational acquisition, management and organic growth of pet care, food and related companies.

smart management, innovation and accountability

We are committed to creating a business environment that nourishes change, drives performance, and provides clarity through smart management, innovation and accountability.

smart management, innovation and accountability

Our work celebrates the timeless connection between animals and humans. Our powerfully sustainable businesses foster healthy relationships, tackle waste and manage resources responsibly.

Our Values

Open and honest

We are open and honest. We like to speak our minds. We’re not big fans of jargon and prefer to keep things simple, direct and clear. We like to listen and give direct answers to questions.

Enthusiasm, energy and ambition

We are fired up with enthusiasm, energy and ambition - not just for growth, but for building a sustainable future for our people and pets.


We like to challenge the way things are done, and always seek out innovative ways forward. That said, we are not interested in change for change’s sake. We are strategically agile and tactically capable.


We have a deep and intuitive understanding of the pet care industry, as well as extensive experience in driving the kinds of innovation that make a tangible difference.

Driving results

We invest in people and drive results through innovation, commitment and integrity.


Our Vision

We want to be known for growing a sustainable group of businesses within the European Pet Care Industry. Our businesses will seek organic growth through continual improvement, innovation and energy. We will be recognised as experts in our field, and renowned for our smart innovations. We will instigate and exploit key industry developments. We will demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of all the people who we work with.

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A Animals and humans

A commitment to'Animals'

Assisi Pet Care was founded on a love of pets and a respect for the sustainable production of everything we bring to market. We will do our very best to provide and care for pets and animals.

C Colleagues

A commitment to'Colleagues'

We want our colleagues to share our commitment to our businesses and be passionate about the work they do here. We expect high standards and quality work at all times - in return we will reward them as well as we can both with employee benefits and a safe, clean and professional work environment.

S Sustainability

A commitment to'Sustainability'

We are doing everything we can to reduce plastic packaging waste and cut carbon emissions – above and beyond what is expected of us through legislation.

C Customers

A commitment to'Customers'

We wish to have strong, professional partnerships with our customers based on mutual respect and understanding but having fairness at the heart of our commercial relationships.

Our Brands

We choose our brands carefully. Each is selected not only for its potential but also its culture and character.

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