Assisi extends brand presence in Asda

Natural treat brands Hollings and Pet Munchies, alongside Pets Pantry complete dog food are now available nationwide in Asda

A total of 13 new lines from Assisi have hit Asda stores nationwide this September, joining two of the company’s other brands, Feed Me! and HiLife It's only natural luxury dog food.

Asda Pet Munchies body image (2048 × 1244px)
Delicious Training Treats from Pet Munchies

Just 3 months on from its first Grocery listing, Pet Munchies gets further recognition as a natural treats brand in demand from dog owners seeking out high meat content, versatile, natural snacks for their dogs.

The four training treats launched this September are some of the most popular in the range and are perfectly sized for that quick high value reward so important when learning new skills, and at only £1.75 per pack they are sure to make their way into shopping baskets across the country.

Asda HOllings body image (2048 × 1244px)
100% natural treats from Hollings.

Complementing this, Hollings, already a £1m Grocery brand, has been at the forefront of natural dog treats for over 40 years, has an ethos of working with nature and minimising waste to offer great tasting natural treats.

A core range of 7 lines is now available, all of which are 100% natural and delicious to our canine companions.

Asda Pets Pantry body image (2048 × 1244px)

Pets Pantry, long established complete semi-moist kibble, is a delicious alternative to dry dog food and at an exceptional price point, is the perfect addition to the shelves.

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